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Android 4.0 for PlayTab Pro & ProTab 2XXL

POINT OF VIEW, well known for its range of NVIDIA graphics cards and Android tablets is announcing today the upgrade of two existing tablet models with Android 4.0. As of this date, 7" PlayTab Pro and the 10" ProTab 2XXL tablets shipped out to POV retailers will be equipped with the newest - highly anticipated - update of the Android operating system.


Android 4.0 will offer a major performance increase as well as a huge amount of user interface updates. One of the reasons to make the jump from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 is the scalability of the operating system UI as well as apps for devices with a larger screen.
Most of the UI updates are meant to improve daily tasks such as searching, typing, scrolling, copy/pasting and personalizing your tablet. The well-known Android navigation buttons can now be found on-screen and the status bar shows a great overview of the relevant information. Also the desktop itself allows much more customization and personalization.


The widgets and apps are now accessible through the tabs in the apps drawer and can now both be ‘dragged and dropped‘ to the desktop from the same menu.
In the end; ‘Ice Cream Sandwich' just feels more natural and intuitive and definitely has grown from a ‘mobile phone OS' to an all-round mature system for daily use!


Last sweet feature is that all tablets with the new firmware will be clocked on 1.2 GHz which is a 20% performance boost over the 1 GHz that the very first production batch was running at.


Enjoy a better, faster and richer experience on your Point of View tablet with Android 4.0.



Current 7” PlayTab Pro and 10” ProTab 2XXL owners can now install the new 4.0 update for their tablets. The update and the update instructions is now available through our download website.


PlayTab Pro Android 4.0 Firmware Upgrade


ProTab 2XXL Android 4.0 Firmware Upgrade



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