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GeForce GTX 650 / GTX 660



Eindhoven / Miami / Rio de Janeiro/ Taipei / Madrid / Munich – September 13th 2012
Point of View, a premier NVIDIA graphics partner and manufacturer of Android tablets, notebooks and other hardware, launches today two new cards of the GeForce® 600 family: the POV GeForce® GTX 660 and the POV GeForce® GTX 650.

The current GeForce 600 range is truly the next step in computer graphics. The differences in performance compared to previous generation are so huge that – not – upgrading is a shame.

Not much can be mentioned about the ‘Kepler’ GPU’s that hasn’t been said and proven. The chip is produced on a 28 nm die-size – allowing high clock speeds and is twice as power efficient as its predecessors.

The new generation streaming multiprocessor SMX technology which allows much faster parallel calculations. To keep up with all that GPU brute force these cards are equipped with fast DDR5 memory! The new GPU architecture is able to use the latest NVIDIA visual and performance enhancing features such as Adaptive vSync and FXAA – the new and ultra-fast anti-aliasing method.

The GeForce® GTX 660 and GTX 650 are both DirectX 11 and shader model 5.0 supporting graphics cards with of course existing NVIDIA features such as NVIDIA SLI® Technology, PhysX®, PureVideo® HD and CUDA™ being present!

The GeForce GTX 660 – the biggest brother of the two – does features 2048 MB GDDR5 memory and the ability to overclock itself. This card is also equipped with a quadruple graphics output to enable 3D Vision™ Surround allowing up to 4 monitors connected (of which three can be used to create a stereoscopic 3D “inside the game” experience).

Without any doubt, upgrading your old graphics card has never been so satisfying. Besides, with all the great games coming this fall, you’d better be prepared! So without further delay, let’s have a look at the specs of the GeForce® GTX 660 and the GeForce GTX 550:



GeForce® GTX 650:
Graphics Engine     : GTX650 (28nm)
Interface              : PCI-Express 3.0
Video memory      : 1024 MB DDR5
Core clock            : 1058 Mhz
Memory clock        : 5000 Mhz
CUDA cores          : 384
Memory bus         : 128 bit
DVI-I                  : 1x dual link
HDMI                  : 1x HDMI
VGA                    : 1x

GeForce® GTX 660:
Graphics Engine     : GTX660 (28nm)
Interface               : PCI-Express 3.0
Video memory       : 2048 MB DDR5
Base clock             : 980 Mhz
Boost clock            : 1032 Mhz
Memory clock         : 6008 Mhz
CUDA cores           : 960
Memory bus         : 192 bit
DVI-I                   : 2x dual link
HDMI                   : 1x HDMI
Display Port         : 1x



Both the GeForce GTX 660 as well as the GeForce GTX 550 are available immediately, so contact your POV retailer for more information or visit the “Where to Buy” section of our website.

Item codes:
VGA-650-A1-1024        GeForce® GTX 650 – 1024 MB DDR5
VGA-660-A1-2048        GeForce® GTX 660– 2048 MB DDR5

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Point of View, well known for its range of NVIDIA 3D based Graphics cards, and other PC Products, was established in the year 2000. Since its inception, the sales of Point of View have grown exponentially and our brand can now be seen in more than 50 countries world-wide. The headquarters of Point of View is based in the Netherlands where we operate the market with a European, multi-lingual sales team. However, our offices include: Point of View Spain,  Point of View Taiwan, Point of View China, Point of View USA and Point of View Brazil. In addition Point of View also has local presence in Dubai, Russia and Germany.

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